WATCH: Sanya Lopez shouts Darna

Dahil sa Pag-ibig star Sanya Lopez did not deny that playing the role Darna is one of her dreams and would accept it if given a chance.

Sanya Lopez is one of GMA’s artist and talent that netizens would like to inherit Darna, aside from Jennylyn Mercado and Maine Mendoza.

Also, from the competitor network ABS-CBN, though not yet confirmed and made official, Nadine Lustre is on top of the list to play the role as strongly requested by fans and netizens.

To introduce herself for the role, Nadine already shouted the “magic words” making her fans more excited and her critics wanting more.

WATCH: Nadine Lustre shouted Darna for the first time

In relevance to this, Sanya teasingly mimics Narda’s character before transforming into Darna. Below is the actual footage in action while shooting for the upcoming afternoon drama series Dahil sa Pag-ibig. Sanya’s friends uploaded it online.

Is this to let the competitor network know that GMA can also justify Darna? Or was she just in the mood to play and make her social media followers happy?

Video Credit: Kyle Ace Sindayen (Twitter @kyleacesindayen)

Another netizen edited the video and added Yeng Constantino’s song “Reyna ng Gabi” as the background music which made the video more fun.

Video Credit: Hara Simay L. Lucero (Twitter @rochie_lopez)

“Pag nagbigay po sila ng invitation sa GMA at pumayag ang GMA, why not. Pag sila po nagbigay ng invitation,” Sanya said during the media conference of Dahil sa Pag-ibig. Sanya is referring to the open audition for Darna in ABS-CBN.

She added, “Gusto ko po kasi talaga yung nag-action. Nung bata kasi ako para akong lalaki. Kalaro ko kapatid ko, mga pinsan kong lalaki. Kaya gusto ko yung mga panlalaki na laro.”

But in her latest drama series, Sanya’s acting prowess will be tested. She will also have daring scenes with Benjamin Alves and Pancho Magno.

Dahil sa Pag-ibig will start its pilot episode on Monday, May 20, after Bihag.

Whatever reason there is for this playful act behind the scenes, Sanya clearly gave people a clear visualization of herself as Darna and it was perfectly amazing!

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