Sky Castle to premiere soon on Philippine Television

Who says Korean Dramas are no longer ‘IN’?

Korean Dramas may not be as hot as it first arrived in the Philippines, but TV Series from South Korea still has a lot of following. These Korean shows are deeply loved by loyal followers scattered not just on television but also online.

If we are to do a quick look-back, Filipinos undeniably, enjoyed the evolution in Philippine TV shows where other foreign TV series were welcomed and adored.

And at present, GMA Network, a local TV station and the most adventurous this year, has imported TV Series from Taiwan, Japan, China, Thailand, and Turkey. The network will also soon air a TV series from India, which is again, another first in Philippine TV.

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ABS-CBN is also exploring great international stories and will not let their dramas be last in the list. The TV station even dedicated a TV channel for the fans of international drama series alone, the Asianovela Channel.

Hana Nochi Hare, a sequel of Hana Yori Dango, will air this June in the said Channel. Hana Yori Dango, if we can still remember, aired a few years back, 2007, under GMA-7.

Photo Credit: Asianovela Channel

Sky Castle on GMA

GMA’s First Vice President for Program Management Jose Mari R. Abacan hinted on Instagram last March 20 that GMA Network has acquired the broadcast rights for Sky Castle, a top-rating Cable TV Series in South Korea.

Photo Credit: Joey Abacan (IG: @joeyabacan)

Abacan used the hashtag #heartofasia which could mean that Sky Castle will soon air and be home in GMA’s Heart of Asia block.

This news has been confirmed when published an article earlier today, June 11, that Sky Castle will be aired soon on GMA.

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The plot revolves around four housewives who were privileged enough to live in the Sky Castle. They want their children to enter the most prominent universities in Korea for a better future and pride. This is also the core motivation of the series’ crucial events.

Everything was well until life made an unexpected turn when Margie committed suicide after her son passed the entrance exam. Why commit suicide after achieving your goal as a parent? Was Julie involved?

Stars to watch for are Kim Seo-Hyung (Temptation of Wife), Lee Tae-Ran (Yellow Handkerchief), Yum Jung-Ah (A Tale of Two Sisters), Yoon Se-Ah (My Sassy Girl TV Series), and Oh Na-Ra (Code Name: Yong Pal).

Catch Sky Castle soon on GMA’s The Heart of Asia.

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