Magpakailanman to feature Beki Beauties of Tondo

Five “soft-hearted” friends from Tondo, Manila joined forces as a team in Basketball Leagues.

Though most men in the third gender are known for being soft and girly, the group always showed prowess and competitiveness against their opponents who were usually straight men and lesbians. Their group is known as ADA KRAB (reversed form of the word Barkada), popularly known as the “Beki Beauties of Tondo”.

They are the main source of entertainment in every basketball leagues and festivals in Tondo. Their unique style of playing basketball caught the attention of a lot of people. They are obviously soft but are always determined to win the prize.

However, behind every smile, no man is a shallow water. Each member has their own stories to tell. Iwa, the “Beki Kagawad”, works so hard for his family and despite all the struggles, remains caring, compassionate and humble to other people.

Mart Escudero as Iwa

MC is no different. When he learned the truth about being adopted, he worked harder as a working student instead of rebelling against his adoptive family. Very unlikely from other teenager’s response to difficulties like this.

Phytos Ramirez as MC

Amor, on the other hand, still holds a secret he can not share (perhaps we will know about it through Magpakailanman?). He struggled a very painful challenge and that is to not get accepted by his own father. He still strives to live a simple and good life after everything he have been through.

Donita Nose as Amor

While ADA KRAB just decided to adopt Jayson, who was the youngest in the group and is already an orphan. He suffered hardships after his parents’ passing and only his friends from ADA KRAB was the only family he can depend on.

Buboy Villar as Jayson

Ola, just the same as the other members, also suffered from extreme poverty and took any job he can to survive and to provide for his family.

Kelvin Miranda as ola

Their stories will be brought to life by Mart Escudero as Iwa, Phytos Ramirez as MC, Donita Nose as Amor, Buboy Villar as Jayson, Kelvin Miranda as Ola, Ralph Noriega as Harold, Tom Olivar as Tatay Eddie, Gigi Locsin as Nanay Belen, Ollie Espino as Tatay Paeng, Anthony Rosaldo as Jade, Arny Ross as Juliet, and JC Tan as Rigor.

The “Beki Basketball Beauties” episode of Magpakailanman is directed by Jorron Monroy, written by Ms. Vien Ello and researched by Gel Lauño. Catch Magpakailanman on GMA Channel 7 at 8:30 PM after Daddy’s Gurl.

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