GMA to air first Indian Drama on Philippine Television

GMA Network will air the very first Indian TV Series in Philippine television.

GMA Heart of Asia will present Aladdin, a live action fantasy series based on the popular fictional character with the same name.

The story of the series will revolve around Aladdin portrayed by actor Siddharth Nigam. He disguises as the Black Thief of Baghdad which robs the rich people to help those who are in need.

Photo Credit: Sony SAB

His life will change when Zafar (Aamir Dalvi), a Baghdad minister, tasked him to search for a magical lamp. Aladdin will find it and he will accidentally unleash the genie within the lamp.

Photo Credit: Sony SAB

He will then eventually meet his childhood love, the beautiful princess of Baghdad, Yasmine (Avneet Kaur). The princess aspires to be the Sultan but her father just wants her to marry Zafar.

On the other hand, there is a connection between Aladdin and the genie. Will he be able to find his missing father? What other secrets are we about to find out?

Catch his adventures on Aladdin: You Would’ve Heard the Name this July on GMA Hear of Asia!

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