GMA Network releases Official Statement on Eddie Garcia

In accordance to the latest statement from the veteran actor’s family, GMA Network released a statement and has confirmed that they are currently reviewing the actual footage showing Eddie Garcia faltering on the set of Rosang Agimat.

One of Eddie Garcia’s family member has released a statement clarifying that the veteran actor tripped off on a cable wire while a scene was being shot for the said show. The statement is contrary to the reports released early yesterday, June 8, which mentioned heart attack being the main cause of the incident.

Based on the video circulating in social media, it is clear that Eddie Garcia collapsed just seconds after being tripped off of the cable wire.

As the family member confirmed findings from their family doctor, the incident caused the veteran actor a fractured neck. The said family doctor also examined his condition and officially ruled out cardiac arrest and aneurysm which was previously diagnosed.

Earlier this morning, June 9, GMA Network’s management released an official statement in connection to the issue:

“The video of Mr. Eddie Garcia faltering in his steps and eventually collapsing has reached GMA. We are seriously reviewing the said video as well as other videos of the same scene which our cameras also took before we make any conclusions on what really transpired.

The statement that was released earlier was given to GMA News by Nick, Mr. Eddie Garcia’s stepson.

We will wait for the family or their doctor to issue a formal update on his condition.

Meanwhile, we continue to pray for his quick recovery.”

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