Actual footage surfaced; Eddie Garcia’s family releases statement

An actual footage of the incident in which Eddie Garcia collapsed during the taping of a television series surfaced online. The video was uploaded by Mhervin Maco, a resident near the area.

Video Credit: Mhervin Maco

At 4:50 PM, Eddie Garcia’s family sent an official statement to GMA’s reporter Cata Tibayan about the actor’s condition.

The family clarified that the actor suffered a heart attack and is now being observed and taken care of by his doctors. No details have been confirmed if the relatives have seen the video yet. And no official statements were confirmed from the family in relevance to the footage.

“Manoy Eddie Garcia was at a taping this Saturday morning when he suffered from a severe heart attack. He is still under critical observation and all his doctors are doing their best to assure that he gets the best care.”

The family also thanked those who sent messages of concern and asked for more prayers for the actor’s speedy recovery.

“Our family would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to all those who have expressed concern and extended prayers. Please continue praying for Tito Eddie’s fast recovery.

In response to people who said that Eddie Garcia should just retire from acting, the family said that it was Eddie’s passion and commitment to the industry.

“At 90, he is still doing what he loves most, acting. He is a pillar of the industry and is very passionate about his craft. We would like to request his fans and everyone to pray with us so he could get better the soonest time possible. Thank you.”

Here’s the actual statement from Cata Tibayan’s Twitter account:

Photo Credit: Cata Tibayan (Twitter @iamcatatibayan)

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