Evil will Manifest in ‘Maledicto’ this May

Fox Original Production and Cignal Entertainment are set to give Filipino audience a good scare with Maledicto.

This is the second time that priests and nuns will be featured in a horror movie just this year. Star Cinema’s Eerie was the first to feature a nun in a horror film.

Though the movies share similar elements, they are totally different concept.

GMA Network’s stars Tom Rodriguez (No Boyfriend Since Birth, Abay Babes), Jasmine Curtis-Smith (Transit, Imagine You and Me) and Inah de Belen (Die Beautiful, Crazy Beautiful You) are the main cast of this horror film.

Maledicto - Father Xavi
Tom Rodriguez as Father Xavi

Maledicto tells the story of Father Xavi (played by Tom Rodriguez), a former psychologist who becomes an exorcist after the tragic death of her sister, Mara (played by Inah de Belen).

Jasmine Curtis-Smith as Sister Barbie

Father Xavi meets Sister Barbie (played by Jasmine Curtis-Smith), a young nun who has a gift of healing. Together, they face the case of Agnes (played by ABS-CBN actress Miles Ocampo), a seemingly perfect teenager who starts manifesting demonic behavior that threatens the foundations of the church.

Maledicto, the first Fox-Produced Filipino Film

In a recent media interview, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Fox Networks Group Philippines Jude Turcuato expressed his excitement for the upcoming film.

“Maledicto is a really big feat for FNG, being the first ever film we’ve produced locally, with an all-Filipino cast at that. With Maledicto under our belt, we’re hoping to elevate Filipino cinema to one of a Hollywood pedigree.”

When asked why they’ve chosen horror genre instead of rom-com for their debut as film producer, Turcuato said the main reason was the quality of the story.

“I felt like that it would entertain people differently as a genre. It’s a horror-thriller. I think most of the Philippine horror, is just horror. There’s no thriller aspect to it. That combination, for this one, was the one we felt would give us a really good shot,” Turcuato replied.

Mark Meily (Baler, Crying Ladies, El Presidente) serves as the director of Maledicto. This is his comeback to horror genre after Elemento in 2016.

“Maledicto” premieres May 1 in cinemas nationwide.


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