Ethel Booba opens up about delayed talent fee from ABS-CBN

The sexy comedienne Ethel Booba is well known for her witty and “patama jokes” in social media. It’s an everyday stunt her followers are well aware of.

However, just recently, her jokes appear to have a “name”. In her recent tweets, she discloses some information about her past shows where she claimed to have not been paid yet. Based on the hints she provided, these shows are Minute to Win It and Gandang Gabi Vice, both under ABS-CBN.

Here are some screenshots from the sexy comedienne’s Twitter account last Sunday, September 22, 2019:

These tiny details are enough to divide the netizens’ perspective about the shows and comments about the issue.

Luis was fast to help his fellow co-artist in show business and as shown below, Luis tweeted and informed her that he will ask the management team about her talent fee.

There’s no confirmed information yet about the issue. Both the shows and ABS-CBN has not yet released any statements.

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