ABS-CBN: Renew or Close?

In time with the 65th Year Anniversary of ABS-CBN, fans and critics were clearly able to voice out different standpoints in the past few days.

Even if you are in for the Network’s renewal or you are agreeing for it’s closure, it is best to analyze facts and events revolving around this topic.

Let us make a short recap on its highlights and popular arguments.

Where It All Began

The media giant’s franchise renewal is still uncertain due to President Rodrigo Duterte’s threat against the network.

If ABS-CBN will not be renewed, the network will again be shut down just like what happened in 1972.

According to the President of the Philippines, the Lopezes owe a huge amount of money from Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP). This unpaid loan since 1995 reached and presently announced to be 1.6 Billion Pesos.

DBP Loans of ABS-CBN
Photo Credit: Thinking Pinoy

Adding up to this, the Lopez-owned TV Network (ABS-CBN) received money from Pres. Duterte’s Party during the election for his Political Advertisements and campaigns last 2016.

However, the network did not air any of the aforementioned advertisements. Reasons behind ABS-CBN’s decision for not airing the campaigns is still not confirmed up to this date.

The network promised to return all of the money they got from him. This was after the President announced putting the network’s franchise on hold.

The Lopezes also did not issue a statement or at least a confirmation about their loans from DBP.

Jimmy Bondoc’s Statements on Facebook

In relevance to this issue, the former Kapamilya Singer revealed on Facebook the corruptions, manipulation in TV contests, and sexual harassments that took place within the network. Hence, he is agreeing for the network’s closure.

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It all started after ABS-CBN’s news update about Senator-elect Bong Go’s proclamation, not being accompanied by his family.

The singer, feeling upset about the network’s malicious way of using clickbaits, voiced out his opinions and experiences while he was still working inside the network.

Many people that opposes ABS-CBN’s way of getting attention and delivering news could not agree more with the singer’s tirades against the network.

The Kapamilyas’ Stand

Despite of these allegations and hate, 65 years is too long for ABS-CBN not to get loyal talents and supporters as well. Most of these people made a stand in favor of them amidst all of these crises.

This just proves that ABS-CBN was able to touch people’s heart and put smiles to the Filipinos’ faces.

Facts, Emotions, and Arguments

Listed below are Top Facts, Emotions, and Arguments discussed online. We arranged it for you for convenient reading. This is also to help avoid mixing up Factual Truths from Emotions and Arguments online.


  1. ABS-CBN often uses clickbaits for their news headlines.
  2. ABS-CBN accepted money as payment for Pres. Rodrigo Duterte’s election advertisement.
  3. ABS-CBN has not sent this money back, just yet.
  4. ABS-CBN owes DBP money, summing up to 1.6 Billion Pesos.
  5. ABS-CBN has not released any news about this, just yet.
  6. There has been an ongoing denial about this loan.
  7. ABS-CBN aired an Anti-Duterte ad on Live TV DURING the campaign period, click here for reference.*
  8. Media should always be neutral.


  1. It’s very saddening to lose a TV Network that has been with us for many decades.
  2. Justice should always prevail.
  3. It’s worrisome that a lot is at stake and a lot of people will lose their jobs if ABS-CBN closes down.



President’s threat to not renew ABS-CBN’s Franchise.

Top Arguments

  • Pres. Rodrigo Duterte took this matter too personally to the point of threatening the network’s franchise renewal.
  • He just straightening up ABS-CBN’s alleged bias and abuse to media power.
  • He trying to make ABS-CBN pay the money that they owe from DBP.


ABS-CBN has abused and is abusing its power as a media network.

Top Arguments

  • Yes, they used malicious headlines all the time.
  • Yes, they strongly expressed disapproval with Rodrigo Duterte’s Presidential Campaign during the 2016 election season. Though media should always remain neutral at any cost.
  • No, they are just a network with a mission relevant to the alleged unjust and inhumane work behind the scenes of the Duterte administration and other matters.


Is it okay to let ABS-CBN close down?


  • No, a lot of people will lose their jobs.
  • No, I love their shows.
  • Yes, they are biased and deserving employees will be taken under the wing of the replacing management.

Possible Solutions for ABS-CBN

These are based on confirmed running issues from the Government and Netizens

  1. ABS-CBN just needs to pay the money that they owe and own up to any responsibilities.
  2. Be neutral and factual in news reporting regardless of what topic they are reporting about.
  3. Stop appealing emotionally and start working on changes.

Stay Educated

It’s a fact that Social Media Networks are indeed a kind of world on its own. And most of us revolve around it. Anything you say will reach people but not all of them may feel and think the same.

There must be some truth in the things we read about online but there will also be grey areas which can spell out trouble, misinterpretation, and misunderstanding if we will not be thinking clear before speaking our mind.

It’s best practice to think carefully before hitting that POST, LIKE, and SHARE buttons.

Always think, look for proof, act based on facts and not emotions. Sometimes, there’s no action needed at all. Just plain education. Do not feel obligated to join the bandwagon.

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