BLIND ITEM: Offending Comment

Blind Item #2

Veteran Singer (VS) is a famous personality in the music industry who can sing pretty well and can belt high notes. VS has a lot of fans and followers inside the country and abroad. She was assigned by the producers of a TV Program (TVP) to judge the performers on stage.

During the shooting of TVP, VS can’t help but admire the performers on stage. VS commends the talent of the younger generation on how they can sing well yet they maintain their posture and facial expressions.

Her comment was heard by Tactless Personality (TP), her fellow member of the jury. Due to being outspoken, he immediately fired his joke. However, his joke was too offensive to handle.

TP, unintentional or not, has insulted the way of singing of VS. That her method of singing is obsolete and not pleasure to the ears.

VS backfired by saying, “so you’re saying that I’m not popular anymore?”

This incident has caused quite a tension in the set but knowing TP’s wit, for sure he was able to pull his joke off.

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