TV Ratings (Kantar): April 24, 2019

Based on the latest TV Ratings Report from Kantar Media Philippines, ABS-CBN is still the most watched TV Network the whole day.

Twelve ABS-CBN programs are included in the Top 20 while GMA have nine. Bihag and Wowowin are tied on the 19th spot.

Nang Ngumit ang Langit went up by 3.1% while its rival from GMA was still not included in the Top 20 programs.

It’s Showdown went 0.8% lower. While GMA’s Dragon Lady loses 0.1%. On the other hand, Eat Bulaga gained 0.8% higher than yesterday.

Kadenang Ginto went 1.3% lower than yesterday’s rating but was still the Top Rater in the afternoon slot.

All ABS-CBN Primetime programs have beaten their respective rival shows by half the difference.

Here’s the full Kantar Media TV Ratings Report (Urban + Rural) for April 24, 2019:


Nang Ngumiti ang Langit (ABS-CBN) – 18.6%
Hiram Na Anak (GMA) – Not included in Top 20

It’s Showtime (ABS-CBN) – 17.3%
Dragon Lady (GMA) – 11.9%
Eat Bulaga (GMA) – 11%

Kadenang Ginto (ABS-CBN) – 25.8%
Bihag (GMA) – 10.2%

Los Bastardos (ABS-CBN) – 17.1%
Inagaw na Bituin (GMA) – 9.6%


Ang Probinsyano (ABS-CBN) – 36.7%
Kara Mia (GMA) – 16.4%

The General’s Daughter (ABS-CBN) – 29%
Sahaya (GMA) – 17.6%

Halik (ABS-CBN) – 25.4%
Love You Two (GMA) – 12.3%

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